Tracked vehicles offer huge advantages over wheeled vehicles, i.e.: low ground pressures, and excellent traction. With a set of four rubber track assemblies,
simply bolt on to the hubs in place of the road-wheels, the vehicle can be transformed into a high-mobility tracked vehicle, ideal for traversing snow, mud, sand, peat, etc. Rubtrack track conversion system can be fitted to any suitable vehicle from 1-6 ton.

Rubtrack offers rubber track system for variety of vehicles. Our products can be customized according to delivered specification and customer demand.
We are open for cooperation. Our priority is quality, customer satisfaction, high level of service and competitive price.

SUV Rubber Track System

  • Simple installation, almost 30 minutes to set up.
  • Suitable for any all-wheel drive vehicle from 1-6 tons.
  • Vehicle undercarriage raised up by 20cm after installation
  • Can be used in any season
  • Ground pressure is 1/10 in comparison with the original wheels.
  • High reliability due to the use of composite materials

Two Rubber Tracks For Different Terrains

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Off Road

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