snowmobile tracks


Width is the track size across the track.
Narrower tracks have lighter weight than wider tracks, but wider tracks have better traction and flotation in soft and deep snow than narrower ones.

Drive pitch is the distance from one point on the track lug to the same point on the next lug. The most used pitches are 2.52’’, 2.86’’, 3’’. Common phrases are “2.52 pitch” and what this means is that the track lugs are spaced out so that there is 2.52″ from a common point on each lug to the next.

Lug height, measures from the top side flat surface of the track to the top of the lug. More lug height will have better traction — as little as a quarter inch of extra height can make a substantial difference in acceleration and braking.

LENGTH is the track circumference. Length = Drive pitch x numbers of track segments. Shorter tracks have better handling performance than longer tracks, but longer tracks have better flotation.

We design and manufacture custom rubber tracks for snowmobile Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
like Polaris, Arctic, Honda, Yamaha, etc, independent distributors and Original Equipment Aftermarket clients (OEAs), at very competitive cost.

We can custom make snowmobile tracks to fit every snowmobilers needs. Original replacement, tracks for deep powder,
tracks with pre-molded holes for studding and height performance tracks for racing and/or top trail performance.


* Disclamer: The OEM projects displayed here are for project showcase only. OEM customer has the sole sales right for the OEM product.

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